Sunday, April 02, 2006

Great Sardarji jokes

Actress: What should I jump to swimming pool from 100ft height…
no I don’t know swimming...
Sardarji director: Don’t worry there is no water in swimming pool…
Sardar made a call to airport. Asked “how long is the journey from Punjab to America?
Receptionist: one second sir…………
Sardar: So fast…thank u...
Interviewer: “Just imagine you are in 3rd floor. It caught fire. How will you escape..?
Sardar: It’s very simple, I will stop my imagination..!
A Sardar watching a TV suddenly he got up and searched the whole house for sum reason, mad a big miss, and finally he scratching his head,
Sardar wife: why did you like this?
Sardar: “ Oye there is a secret camera in our house… else how’ll the TV guy say correctly ‘U WATCHING STAR TV..?!’ ”
Police: BINLADENA pudichcha 5 crore prize...
Sardar: Appa enakku prize kodunga..?
Police: Why?!?
Sardar: Enakku Binladenai romba pidichchurukku...
Sardar1: Saagumbothu oruththar vaayila enna podanum..?
Sardar2: Birla cement podu..!
Sardar1: Why?
Sardar2: Yenna... BIrla cementla uyir irukku...!
Sardarji bought a new Color TV and put it in water.
Colour poguthaannu check pannaththaan
What is the difference of dye and die?
Sardarji: Dye mandaiyila podarathu.
Die mandaiya podarathu...
Doctor: Neenga avara one hour munnaadi kondu vanthirunthaa pilaichchiruppar
Sardar: Kondu vanthirukkalam doctor aanaaccident aagi half hour thaan aguthu..
Sardar: Docter I can hear the persons voice but cant see him.
Docter: When does it happens?
Sardar: When I am speaking to a person in telephone.
Police: Stop… stop… your bike headlight’s not working..!
Sardar: Move… move… brake is also not working…
Sardarji1: Nethu unga phone number theriyama tromba kashtap pattutten
Sardarji2: ada ennanga neenga enakku oru phone panni kettirukka koodathu...

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