Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mini jokes

Girl: What is the difference between confidence and confidential?
Boy: you are my lover, I am confident. Your friend is also my lover, it’s confidential..!
Doctor: you should drink 10 glass water every day.
Sardarji: it’s impossible…
Doctor: Why???
Sardarji: I have only 4 glasses in my home…
Inraiya thathuvam no 2007

Naai biscuitta naaikku potta athu unna vittuttu biscuitta saappidum…
Aana Tiger biscuitta tigerkku potta athu biscuitta vittuttu unna sappidum
Tamilnattla motham 456 colleges, 8729 school, athula convent 2975, corporation school 6210. ithula motham 59,829 boys … ithana per irunthum antha SANIYA MIRZA ennaithaan kattippennu adam pudikkara… what can I do..?

(This joke my firend Mr. Saminthan send me..)
Please vote for vijyakanth. Else thirumba filmla act kuduththe nam,bala kodumai paduthuvar… so vote for him…send to this msg to all your friends, save Tamilnadu.
On May 4th, 2006 at 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1 am..? the time and date will be shown 01:02:03:04/05/06
This will never happen on earth again

Thiis msg send my friend Mr. V. Vinod

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