Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sep'06 jokes

Sardar was sitting in a beach.
American : Are you relaxing
Sardar: I am santa singh
another american: Are you relaxing
Sardar: No, I am santa singh
sardar left that place in anger. then sadar ask some american lying nearby "Are you relaxing"
American : Yes...
Saradr gives a slap and says... " everybody searching for you... lying here..."
Girl: How much this dress
store keeper: Just 5 kisses
Girl: How much this saree
store keeper: Just 10 kisses
Girl: OK. Pack this saree, Grand ma pay the bill
Saradar: My mobile bill how much?
Call center Girl: Sir, Just dial 123 to you know the current bill status
Saradr: Stupid, Not current billya..., my mobile billya....