Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sep'06 jokes

Sardar was sitting in a beach.
American : Are you relaxing
Sardar: I am santa singh
another american: Are you relaxing
Sardar: No, I am santa singh
sardar left that place in anger. then sadar ask some american lying nearby "Are you relaxing"
American : Yes...
Saradr gives a slap and says... " everybody searching for you... lying here..."
Girl: How much this dress
store keeper: Just 5 kisses
Girl: How much this saree
store keeper: Just 10 kisses
Girl: OK. Pack this saree, Grand ma pay the bill
Saradar: My mobile bill how much?
Call center Girl: Sir, Just dial 123 to you know the current bill status
Saradr: Stupid, Not current billya..., my mobile billya....

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Artificial bird...

U see this art... u find somthing...

August month SMS jokes

Pagalla nimmadi illa… iravula thookkam illa, purandu purandu thoonguren.. kadavule ithuthaan kathala..?
White-um kalarthan… block-um colorthan… aana blockand white TV yai yaarum color TV nnu solrathillai.. enna ulagamda ithu…
Grand son: thaththa… thaththa… seekkiram poy olinjukkanga.. enga vaththiyar varraar…
Grand father: naan enda poy olinjukkanum..?
Grand son: neththuthaan neenga seththu poyittatha solli leave potten… athaan..1?
Doctor: your husband needs some rest… here are some sleeping tablets…
Patient Wife: when must I give them to him..?
Doctor: these tablets are for you…
Terrorist: who are you man…
Vijayakanth: Simma… narasimma…
Terrorist: pre paid simma… post paid simmaa..?

Monday, July 24, 2006

In one scooter three sardars were going, so traffic police showed his hand… sardar said “ sorry we are already three members…”
In a circus, a lion shake hands a lady… ringmaster asks the audience: can any one do this..?Sardar:"I can do this, but first send the lion away…"
Sardarji was getting down at every station and buying ticket to next station. Some one asked why he was doing so, sardar said “ the doctor told me avoid long journey…"
Beggar: I am author of a book called “150 methods to become rich”
Sardar: Then why are you begging?Beggar: This is one of the best method “ AYYA SAMI… PICHCHI PODUNGA..”
You are equal 60 James bonds…
60 x 007 = 420
…he…he… he… he…

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

today sardar jokes

Sardar bar at in New York.
Man on his right says “ Johny walker single”
Man on his left says “ Peter scotch single”
Sardar says “ my self baljitsingh – married”


Sardar reading a book at a library. After reading he said, " so boring, so many characters but no story", then librarian says, sardarji this is a telephone directory.


Soldier: “Sir, we are surrounded by enemies”
Sardar major: “ Excelent! We are shoot in any direction…”


Kanmani anbodu friend nan anuppum message, illa SMS, vena messagene pottukka… Ponmani un cellil signal kidaikkuthaa.?? En cellil ingu kidaikkuthu… unnai ennip paarkkaiyil SMS kottuthu, athai unakku anuppa ninaikkaiyil balance muttuthu… “ Manithar unarnthu kola idhu mokka message alla… athaium thaandi mattamaanathu… mattamaanathu…”.
“ athu Ennamo puriyala, enna maayamo theriyala en cllula mattum balance nirkave mattanguthu… BSNL maami… BSNL maami…”


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mini jokes

Girl: What is the difference between confidence and confidential?
Boy: you are my lover, I am confident. Your friend is also my lover, it’s confidential..!
Doctor: you should drink 10 glass water every day.
Sardarji: it’s impossible…
Doctor: Why???
Sardarji: I have only 4 glasses in my home…
Inraiya thathuvam no 2007

Naai biscuitta naaikku potta athu unna vittuttu biscuitta saappidum…
Aana Tiger biscuitta tigerkku potta athu biscuitta vittuttu unna sappidum
Tamilnattla motham 456 colleges, 8729 school, athula convent 2975, corporation school 6210. ithula motham 59,829 boys … ithana per irunthum antha SANIYA MIRZA ennaithaan kattippennu adam pudikkara… what can I do..?

(This joke my firend Mr. Saminthan send me..)
Please vote for vijyakanth. Else thirumba filmla act kuduththe nam,bala kodumai paduthuvar… so vote for him…send to this msg to all your friends, save Tamilnadu.
On May 4th, 2006 at 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1 am..? the time and date will be shown 01:02:03:04/05/06
This will never happen on earth again

Thiis msg send my friend Mr. V. Vinod

Friday, April 07, 2006

Political and masala jokes

Wife: Enna namma wedding cardaiye moraichi moraichi pakkareenga?
Husband: Expiry date ethavathu irukkanu paarkuren.
Professor: If any boys goes to girls hostel fine Rs.100 for first time, Rs.200 for second time, 500 for third time…
Student: Sir, how much for monthly pass..?
Vijayakanth speaks in meeting…
“Tamilnattil 325 theaterla en padam SUDHESI oduthu. Antha padaththaip paarthu sethavanga 5,682 per, Koma-la 25,563 per,maykkam pottavanga 45,620 per… so naan inime padathula nadikkaratha nipaattanumna enakku ottu podunga
Gang of sardars broke a bank but instead of cash they found bottels full chilled red wine. They happily drunk it and left.
Next day headlines in paper “BLOOD BANK LOOTED”
Vaiko amma: Naan sonnadha ketkama yen AMMA kooda join pannine..?
Vaiko: Summa irumma neeyavathu ennai 10 masamthan ulla vachchiruntha… AMMA ennai 19 masam ulla vachchirunthaanga…
What is different between Shankar’s film INDIAN in 1996 and SIVAJI in 2006?
Appo herova thathaava kaatta riske eduthar… ippo thathava herova katta risk edukkiraar…

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ganguly SMS jokes

Ganguly beat the fan in the Cricket ground. Why? Because that fan singing a 'Anniyan' song. What song?
Run – ‘DUCK’
Run – ‘DUCK’
Run – ‘DUCK’
Run – ‘DUCK’
Run – ‘DUCK’AA
Flash news: After seeing his, performance, Ganguly is once more selected as captain for the one day series against England for Indian women’s cricket team.
Kurudan kaila Torch, Sevidan kaila radio, Oomai kaila mic, Jaathikal kaila katchi, Ganguly kaila bat, Unga kaila Cell phone/Computer… Enna ulagamda ithu…
Ganguly’s favorite Rajini dialogues

BADSHA : Naan 1 run eduththaa… 100 run eduththa mathiri…
PADAYAPPA : Yen wicket free wicket
ARUNACHALAM : anDAVAN SOLRAN… Ganguly bold agaran
BABA : Neeya win pannina Smadaanam… Naana thotha annathanam
CHANDRAMUKI : Any problem just one ball I am disappear

Great Sardarji jokes

Actress: What should I jump to swimming pool from 100ft height…
no I don’t know swimming...
Sardarji director: Don’t worry there is no water in swimming pool…
Sardar made a call to airport. Asked “how long is the journey from Punjab to America?
Receptionist: one second sir…………
Sardar: So fast…thank u...
Interviewer: “Just imagine you are in 3rd floor. It caught fire. How will you escape..?
Sardar: It’s very simple, I will stop my imagination..!
A Sardar watching a TV suddenly he got up and searched the whole house for sum reason, mad a big miss, and finally he scratching his head,
Sardar wife: why did you like this?
Sardar: “ Oye there is a secret camera in our house… else how’ll the TV guy say correctly ‘U WATCHING STAR TV..?!’ ”
Police: BINLADENA pudichcha 5 crore prize...
Sardar: Appa enakku prize kodunga..?
Police: Why?!?
Sardar: Enakku Binladenai romba pidichchurukku...
Sardar1: Saagumbothu oruththar vaayila enna podanum..?
Sardar2: Birla cement podu..!
Sardar1: Why?
Sardar2: Yenna... BIrla cementla uyir irukku...!
Sardarji bought a new Color TV and put it in water.
Colour poguthaannu check pannaththaan
What is the difference of dye and die?
Sardarji: Dye mandaiyila podarathu.
Die mandaiya podarathu...
Doctor: Neenga avara one hour munnaadi kondu vanthirunthaa pilaichchiruppar
Sardar: Kondu vanthirukkalam doctor aanaaccident aagi half hour thaan aguthu..
Sardar: Docter I can hear the persons voice but cant see him.
Docter: When does it happens?
Sardar: When I am speaking to a person in telephone.
Police: Stop… stop… your bike headlight’s not working..!
Sardar: Move… move… brake is also not working…
Sardarji1: Nethu unga phone number theriyama tromba kashtap pattutten
Sardarji2: ada ennanga neenga enakku oru phone panni kettirukka koodathu...